US nuclear warhead rear ended

USA truck with nuke gets rear ended by escort.
This YouTube video shows how a federal convoy allegedly transporting a nuclear warhead gets into trouble because an escort driver is unable to keep his distance from the main vehicle.

A cavalcade of US federal marshals accompanied a truck that reportedly was carrying a nuclear missile. They appeared to be taking all possible safety precautions, including armored vehicles with machine guns on the ground and several helicopters in the air.

(Warning: strong language)

While the motorcade was passing a driver taking the video, one of the armored vehicles hit the rear end of the warhead carrying truck it was escorting. All the precautions in the world evidently are of little value in this situation that was lacking basic common sense. The federal marshals involved in this transport seemed to possess all the finesse of the Keystone Cops. Sometimes secret government activities are a problem for the government to carry out. This situation could possibly have been much worse.  For everyone involved it may have been much safer to just transport the warhead without all the secrecy, as it apparently wasn’t all that secret anyway.

The video shows that the Feds made the rest of the traffic pull over and clear the way, and also demanded that the person taking the video not film the convoy. He protested.

After the rear-end incident, the convoy continued on as if nothing had happened.

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